Olympic Games
1200m Backstroke2008Beijing, CHN1:53.94
14 x 200m Freestyle Relay2008Beijing, CHN6:58.56
14 x 200m Freestyle Relay2004Athens, GRE7:07.33
2200m Individual Medley2004Athens, GRE1:58.78
3200m Individual Medley2008Beijing, CHN1:56.53
3400m Individual Medley2008Beijing, CHN4:08.09
World Championships
1200m Freestyle2011Shanghai, CHN1:44.44
1200m Backstroke2011Shanghai, CHN1:52.96
1200m Individual Medley2011Shanghai, CHN1:54.00
1400m Individual Medley2011Shanghai, CHN4:07.13
14 x 200m Freestyle Relay2011Shanghai, CHN7:02.67
1200m Individual Medley2009Rome, ITA1:54.10
1400m Individual Medley2009Rome, ITA4:07.01
14 x 100m Freestyle Relay2009Rome, ITA3:09.21
14 x 200m Freestyle Relay2009Rome, ITA6:58.55
1200m Backstroke2007Melbourne, VIC, AUS1:54.32
14 x 200m Freestyle Relay2007Melbourne, VIC, AUS7:03.24
14 x 200m Freestyle Relay2005Montreal, QC, CAN7:06.58
2100m Backstroke2007Melbourne, VIC, AUS53.50
2200m Individual Medley2007Melbourne, VIC, AUS1:56.19
2400m Individual Medley2007Melbourne, VIC, AUS4:09.74
34 x 100m Freestyle Relay2011Shanghai, CHN3:11.96
3200m Backstroke2009Rome, ITA1:53.82
3200m Backstroke2005Montreal, QC, CAN1:57.00
3200m Individual Medley2005Montreal, QC, CAN1:57.79
Pan Pacific Championships
1200m Freestyle2010Irvine, CA, USA1:45.30
1200m Backstroke2010Irvine, CA, USA1:54.12
1200m Individual Medley2010Irvine, CA, USA1:54.43
1400m Individual Medley2010Irvine, CA, USA4:07.59
14 x 100m Freestyle Relay2010Irvine, CA, USA3:11.74
14 x 200m Freestyle Relay2010Irvine, CA, USA7:03.84
World Championships Short Course
1200m Freestyle2010Dubai, UAE1:41.08
1200m Backstroke2010Dubai, UAE1:46.68
1100m Individual Medley2010Dubai, UAE50.86
1200m Individual Medley2010Dubai, UAE1:50.08
1400m Individual Medley2010Dubai, UAE3:55.50
14 x 100m Medley Relay2010Dubai, UAE3:20.99
24 x 200m Freestyle Relay2010Dubai, UAE6:49.58
44 x 100m Freestyle Relay2010Dubai, UAE3:06.10


Playing basketball, skateboarding and surfing. (USA Swimming, 12 Jul 2011)


Sports Management - University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA

Club name

Daytona Beach Swimming, Gainesville, FL, USA


Gregg Troy (USA Swimming, 12 Jul 2011)

Sporting relatives

Before swimming, he played soccer, lacrosse and basketball. (USA Swimming, 12 Jul 2011)

Other sports

Both his parents were swimming coaches. Also his older sister, Megan, was a competitive swimmer. His father is head coach and his older sister Kristin is a coach at Daytona Beach Swim Club. (usolympicteam.com, 05 Dec 2007; USA Swimming 12 Jul 2011)


He tore his MCL while dancing in October 2009 and had to have emergency knee surgery. That kept him from competing at the Duel in the Pool meet in Manchester, England, that year. He was able to get back into the water in January 2010. (FINA World Aquatics Magazine, 01 Feb 2010)

Additional information

Start of sporting career
He started swimming competitively at the age of nine in Rochester, United States. (ryanlochte.net, 22 Jan 2007)

Reason for taking up this sport
His parents were swimming coaches, so he fell into it. Also, he met Olympic champion Pablo Morales at the 1992 US Olympic Trials just before Morales won gold at the 1992 Olympic Games in Barcelona. (FINA World Aquatics Magazine, 01 Feb 2010)

He swims 18km per day which breaks down to five or six hours per day, six days per week. On the weekends he will also do strong-man competitions with his weight coach, in which both of them will lift heavy tyres and boulders. (USA Swimming, 12 Jul 2011; FINA Aquatics World Magazine, 20 Feb 2011)

In 1992 he watched the Olympic Games and saw Pablo Morales win a gold medal in the 100m butterfly. "After seeing him accomplish something that many thought he could not, I knew that I wanted to represent my country in the Olympics and win a gold medal." He also admires basketball legend Michael Jordan. (ryanlochte.net, 05 Dec 2007; FINA Aquatics World Magazine, 07 Dec 2010) 

Most influential person in career
His father and former coach, Steve. "He's always been there for me.". (USA Swimming, 12 Jul 2011) 

Sporting philosophy / motto
"I see other swimmers get all quiet and intense before they race, and that is just not me. The way I look at it is the events that you swim, you swim every day in practice. It's basically like breathing because you do it so many times, so why do you need to think about it before your race?" (New York Times, 28 Nov 2007)

"Go big, or go home." (FINA Aquatics World Magazine, 07 Dec 2010) 

He was named the Southeastern Conference [SEC] Male Swimmer of the Year in 2003, 2005 and 2006. He was also named the SEC Freshman of the Year. (NBC Olympics, 29 Jul 2008)

He was twice named NCAA Swimmer of the Year (USA Swimming, 12 Jul 2011)

He was named 2009 Male Swimmer of the Year at the annual Golden Goggles award gala. (FINA World Aquatics Magazine, 01 Feb 2010)

He was named the best swimmer of 2010 by FINA after winning seven medals at the FINA World Swimming Championships [25m] in Dubai. (FINA, 31 Dec 2010) 

At the 2007 World Swimming Championships in Melbourne he set a world record in the 200m backstroke, ending teammate Aaron Peirsol's seven-year winning streak in the event. (sports.yahoo.com, 01 Dec 2007)

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